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Production Time

Quick Access to your purchases

All orders are typically accessed once you make the purchase. Once you make the purchase, it will redirect you to your digitals. 

for support

If for some reason you couldn’t access your digitals, then reach out to us on this email: customers@99centsdigitals.com

new feature alert

You can also place a custom order – although this feature is beta testing. * Please feel free to contact us if you want to place a custom order.

Refunds & Exchanges

An Order Can't Be Cancelled​

Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled for a refund. Because the price is too low to pay through various transactions fees.

no refunds

Since these are digital products, that’s why we have no refund policy. We make sure to add all the necessary information about the product so you can decide the best digital product for yourself before placing the order.

no exchanges

We also can’t exchange a digital product. If you bought a pixel, you can’t change it with an icon. Your purchasing decisions are final.

just in case

Please understand that if you haven’t received your digital product, we’ll be happy to send your purchased digital product to you. Simply reach out to us with the email you purchase it with.


To limit such purchasing accidents, please think before purchasing a digital.

Shipping & Tax​

Available Everywhere​

We sell digitals globally. We want everyone to get benefits from our digitals.

no shipping charges

Since, we sell digital products, there are 0 shipping charges. You only pay 0.99% for a digital + tax. That’s it.

Cost Effective Tax

We are providing countless valuable digital products at a same tag. Therefore, to continue our business services, we are charging $0.33-$0.35 per digital to cover transaction fees and continue creating on our mission to design cost effective helpful digitals for you.


Main Currency

All prices are in USD.

Same Price Tag

All digital products have the same price tag of $0.99 (as can be seen)

No Coupons Ever

Please note that we don’t offer sales, promotions, and coupon codes of any kind.


Important Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you make the purchase successfully, you’ll receive your digitals right away.

Currently we have 27+ categories. To see all of them, go here.

We are working on building a live chat where you can get support from us, but for now reach out to us from our contact page. We will get back to you.

99 cents digitals

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